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Exporting/Importing your coins to another wallet

If you have coins on a Ledger wallet and somehow need to export them to another wallet (for instance, because you have lost your Ledger or because the integration isn't up to date), you can do so by following the steps below.

This process will involve re-importing your Ledger mnemonics inside Polkadot JS, which we will then use to generate a file importable in other wallets like Talisman or the Polkadot JS extension.

By importing your Ledger mnemonics into polkadot.js, the Ledger device with this key is no longer considered as cold storage.

If you have other holdings on your cold wallet, move them to another wallet prior importing the seed. Once you moved your NODL token, it is advised to set up your Ledger device from scratch and move all your holdings to the new address.

  1. Open and ensure the Nodle mainnet is selected.
  2. Navigate to the Settings page in the upper top navigation bar.
  3. In the MANAGE HARDWARE CONNECTIONS dropdown, select Attach Ledger via WebUSB (Chrome, recommended). Click Save.
  4. Navigate to the Accounts page.
  5. Click the + Account button.
  6. Enter your seed in the MNEMONIC SEED text field.
  7. Open the Advanced creation options dropdown.
  8. In KEYPAIR CRYPTO TYPE select Ledger (ed25519, BIP32 derivation).
  9. In the LEDGER APP TYPE (ORIGINATED FROM) field, select Nodle Chain.
  11. Select a name and password for your account and click Next.
  12. Verify your account details and click Save.
  13. At this step, a backup file in with a .json extension will be downloaded. You can use it to import your Nodle Ledger account with any wallet of your choice that support a restoratiion from a JSON or Keystore file. Alternatively, you can now use your account as a normal account in Polkadot JS / Nodle Protocol.