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The Nodle app is a revolutionary way to mine crypto with your smartphone for building the Nodle network around you. The Nodle network is a decentralized Bluetooth network built with smartphones by thousands of people like you. Your phone will become a node of the network, helping transmit data from Bluetooth devices to their owners. For the service provided, you will get NODL tokens as a reward.

Turn your phone into a crypto miner! You don’t need any specific hardware or equipment to earn NODL. All you need is to install the app on your phone, turn on the Bluetooth and location sharing and stay online.

Private and Secure

We apply the privacy by design principles. The location of your device is only used to compute your rewards based on your contribution to network coverage, and locate Bluetooth devices on request of their owners. The location is never used for any other purpose, shared or sold. Data transmitted from Bluetooth devices is provided only to their owners. It is encrypted in transit to ensure the required level of security.

Mobile data-friendly

The amount of data transmitted is small. You can force the app to use only WiFi to send the data collected to the cloud.


The app has been optimized to use minimal CPU and is extremely power efficient. Your smartphone uses Bluetooth Low Energy, limiting the impact on your smartphone's battery. As a result, the average consumption for normal usage should be between 1 to 3% every 24h.

Where can I download the Nodle app?

You can download the app in the Google Play Market and the App Store.