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Acccount Page

On this page you will find some useful sections, the private key, balances and the main buttons for send and receive. The transaction history is also on this section, powered with and filter and you can go into details by clicking an item transaction

Along with the balances (free, reserved, frozen and locked) if you have some vesting schedule will be displayed here, if there is any available for unlock the "unlock" button will also be displayed


To open the send form you have to click the Send button on the account page, afterwards you will be able to fill the form for transfer NODL to other accounts, the form is very simple, so it looks like this:


In case you want to receive NODL and don't see your public key, clicking the Receive button will open a modal with the details necessary for you to receive transfers, it looks like this image below:

Trasactions details

On the transaction history are some tools for better browser among your transfers like pagination and sort button. If you want to see more details about the transactions, you can click one to open a detailed modal.