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The Nodle Client is the easiest way to manage your NODL assets, was born to give you a more intuitive way to load your account with a native UI that improve the experience when connecting your account with different providers, such as PolkadotJS, Talisman and Ledger as HD device this last still under development and is not fully recommended to use, see more here.

Using it, you can find at this moment the principal page, with all the tools you need.

Also support:

  • Spanish language
  • Network switch
  • Themes (light and dark)


The very first page you will see is the connection modals. An easy and wizard steps for guide you to connect your wallet

Account Page

On this page you will find some useful sections, the private key, balances and the entry points for send and receive. Also, a transaction history powered with the best indexers for a rapid response and catches

NFT Page

Built for review your owned collections items, you will see a list with action to open a full detailed view, gives you all the information about your clicked item