Redenomination of NODL
Some details about the re-denomination of the NODL token, also known as Nodle Cash
Effective on November 15th 2021, the total fixed supply of (new) NODL will increase 10 times to 21,000,000,000, or 21 billion NODL. The NODL token distribution, and token economics remain the same.
The Nodle chain is live, and as a consequence, all the participants will have a NODL balance increased by a factor of 10.
Key Points for the re-denomination:
  • The total fixed supply of (old) NODL in the first version of the whitepaper was 2,1B NODL
  • The total fixed supply of NODL will increase ten times from 2.1 billion to 21 billion.
  • NODL allocation balances will increase by a factor of ten, such that 1 NODL will be 10 NODL.
    • As an example, if an account has 21,000,000 (old) NODL that is 1% of the total supply, then after the re-denomination, the account would still have 1% of the total supply which is 210,000,000 (new) NODL.
  • The distribution of NODL does not change, and holders of NODL still own an equal share of the network as before the change.
  • The precision of NODL will change from 12 decimal places to 11 decimal places.
  • The main benefit of this change is to avoid using small decimals when dealing with NODL and to achieve an easier calculation system.
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