The Nodle crowdloan

What are the Nodle crowdloan terms?

850M NODL tokens will be distributed to the crowdloan participants, and a minimum of 20 NODL tokens per DOT will be awarded

The tokens will vest over the duration of the parachain lease
→ 30% will be unlocked immediately when the Nodle parachain launches.
→ 70% will vest over the duration of the lease (96 weeks) 2 years, on a per block basis
There are extra rewards for early contributors, and referrals:
→ Get 10% extra rewards if you contribute in the first two weeks.
→ Share a 10% reward when you refer your friends.

What is the minimum amount to support Nodle in their Parachain bid?

Contributions to a crowdloan campaign must have a minimum balance of 5 DOT. The goal is to make crowdloans as accessible as possible while maintaining a balance to justify the network's use. This is set by Polkadot.
Since Polkadot accounts with less than 1 DOT can be reclaimed by the Polkadot relay chain, it’s important for those contributing to a crowdloan to have 1 additional DOT, plus a small amount of DOT for transaction fees. A common recommendation is 1.1 DOT. For example, someone who wants to support the Nodle Network’s crowdloan with 5 DOT (the minimum) would want to have 6.1 DOT in their wallet.

Why would my DOT votes fail? If my votes fail, will I receive the voting Rewards?

Voting is done on-chain. However, there are certain exceptions, such as voting delays or failures. If any of your DOTs or partial DOTs voting has failed, your DOTs are expected to be returned to you shortly after December 16th, 2021, and you will not receive any voting benefits or rewards.

Never send your DOT to another entity’s wallet when asked to participate in a crowdloan

To fairly determine which projects are granted a Parachain slot and connected to the Relay chain, Polkadot created a method known as a Parachain auction. Nodle will participate in the parachain auction.
Polkadot's native token, DOT, can be bonded to Nodle during the Parachain auction to support our bid at the Parachain slot. This commitment is rewarded with the native token of Nodle, NODL.

Why not a Kusama Parachain?

Some members of our community have asked why Nodle Network hasn’t pursued a Kusama parachain. As we set our sights on the Polkadot parachain auctions, we’d like to explain why Polkadot is right for us, our partners, and our users.
Don’t get us wrong—we’d definitely hang with Kusama at a party. Popularly called “Polkadot’s wild cousin,” Kusama is intended for cutting-edge technology projects who want to experiment with the latest advances in blockchain technology. Since it is very similar to Polkadot in terms of codebase, some projects have chosen to test-run on Kusama. This wasn’t necessary for Nodle. To understand, let’s back up.
Noodle began on the Stellar blockchain but decided it needed additional throughput for the “next trillion devices” that the Nodle Network intends to connect. In early 2020, the Nodle team began looking for a solution. It saw one in what Polkadot was building. Eliott Teisonniere, Nodle’s Chief Blockchain Officer, began building a new blockchain for Nodle using Substrate, with an eye towards one day integrating into the Polkadot ecosystem as a parachain. Polkadot runs on Substrate, a framework for building scalable, secure, and interoperable blockchains. Now, over a year later, Nodle is ready to join other cutting-edge projects on Polkadot.
Since Nodle migrated from the Stellar blockchain, it’s been running an independent blockchain built on Polkadot’s native framework. While some projects have chosen to build proof of concept on Kusama, Nodle has been doing so by running its blockchain for over a year.
There are a few other reasons why Nodle is targeting Polkadot for the next phase of its deployment. For one, Nodle’s enterprise partners depend on the network’s reliability, which makes Polkadot’s longer parachain lease slots more appropriate. But fundamentally, the reason why Polkadot is the right place for Nodle is because Nodle was built for Polkadot. It’s been a part of Nodle’s long-term plan, and for over a year Nodle has developed and tested its blockchain in a way that’s not only proven its concept but is greatly prepared to integrate into the Polkadot ecosystem.
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