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The crowdloan NFTs

Is there a minimum number of DOTs I need to commit to in order to receive the NFT?

You need to rank as one of the highest 10,000 contributors.

When do I get my NFT?

You will get your NFT after Nodle completes the Parachain Auctions.

How do I know if I was one of the first 10,000 highest contributors on the Crowdloan that will be receiving the Decentralization NFT?

We will publish a Medium post with the public wallet addresses of the winners and a way to view your Decentralization NFT.

Do I need to have a specific wallet?

Make sure you have a wallet for which you control the private key, such as Nodle Cash mobile app, Polkadot.JS, Fearless Wallet, or Nova Wallet. Ledgers, multisigs, and proxies are not supported.

What can I do to prepare to receive my NFT?

Make sure your contribution is complete and that you are among the first 10,000 highest bidders.

Where is the NFT being minted?

On RMRK (Kusama).

How do I transfer my NFT?

You can transfer or sell your NFT on https://singular.rmrk.app/. Once bridges are created, you may be able transfer the NFT to other blockchain ecosystems (e.g., Ethereum).

Where is the NFT backed up (proof of origin)?

All Decentralization NFTs will be stored on IPFS.

How many NFTs are being created?


How many NFTs are being allocated to the Crowdloan?


Who is the NFT artist?

The artist is a famed contemporary painter who explores machine and automation trajectory using traditional fine-art techniques — and whose identity is currently secret.
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